Welcome to Shanes Robotics


We believe a big part of our future is going to involve new technology & robotics is going to be a big part of that. Ensuring young people have a passion for this area is really important and with the programs we have in place this happening.

After School Workshops

We run really interesting and fun after school workshops that are both creative and educational and make sure students take away something at the end.


In our workshops we teach some real life programming techniques that give our students the confidence to move forward with there own projects as well as a head start for University.


Like everything else creativity is really important in the robotics and programming world. We inspire our students to be creative and we foster their ideas so they will have the skills to innovate in the future through what they have learned today.

Welcome to Shanes Robotics

Shanes Robotics is all about preparing people for university by teaching them practical skills in the electronics area. We do this by guiding them through interesting and practical workshops.

  • Robotics
  • After School Workshops
  • Programming
  • Creativity

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